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SLS Printing

High-Resolution SLS Prototypes

SLS 3D printing is a versatile method capable of manufacturing high-performance molded parts for various industries. Notably, it excels in producing intricate components like gears and impellers for pumps and high-pressure systems.


Our SLA 3D Printers 




Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W

Print Volume: 159.2 × 159.2 × 295.5 mm (6.27 × 6.27 × 11.63 in)

Materials: Nylon 12, Nylon 11 CF, Nylon 12 GF, Nylon 11, TPU 90A

Dimensional Accuracy: 0.0395mm  +/- per axes

Layer Resolution: 0.110 mm

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Why Choose SLS 

Below, we have carefully complied a comprehensive list of compelling reasons why you should consider using SLS technology instead of traditional FDM or SLA methods. By harnessing the power of SLS technology, you can achieve unparalleled design freedom and intricate detailing in your 3D prints.


High Quality and Precise


Comparable mechanical properties to injection-molded parts


Low cost per part


Design Freedom


Quick Turnaround


End Use Parts

Applications for SLS Printing

SLS printing finds application across diverse industries, yielding impressive outcomes. Let’s explore a few compelling examples of its capabilities

End-use Parts
IR Sensor
Nylon 12 End Use Parts
Bicycle Pedal
End Use Parts
End Use Parts


Our SLS 3D Printing Service

Our team of 3D Printing experts will allow you to rapidly verify your designs for 3D printing use. Each prototype will be thoroughly inspected to ensure our quality meets your needs. Feel free to upload your file to get a quote from us.