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3D Printing Capabilities

3D Printing Callabilities Available

Dual Extruders

Using the latest technology to print various materials or colours at once in hard to reach areas. When printing complex parts, PVA support is used to ensure quality exceeds your standards!

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Materials Available

Various materials and colours available for your project, ranging from PLA to Polycarbonate plus, we have them all. Contact us for more information!

Large Printer Volume

Maximum size available to print is          250mm x 210mm x 210mm. Larger size will be available 2022 Q2 or Q3.

Quality Comparison

Not sure which 3D Printing quality to choose from? By choosing standard quality can significantly reduce costs at a cost of more visible layers. However, choosing a Ultra quality will result with a higher quality finish and an increase in price.

Standard Quality

Layer Height: 0.20mm

Ultra Quality

Layer Height: 0.05mm